I`m Babak Valizadeh, living in South California in Orange County and been doing photography for couple of years. I started photography as the time I started working with several IT and computer media, taking shots of digital and computer products. As part of a media job, I have been to many business and entertainment events including press conferences, exhibitions (CES in Las Vegas, E3 in Los Angeles, Computex in Taipei, etc.), product launch events, etc. I am also Google certified 360 degree photographer, with more than 10 million views on Google Maps!

I love to travel, and visiting new places. you can find my travel photos and even purchase prints of them on my other website (link below). Feel free to contact me and I will reach you as soon as I can.

On Social Media
Instagram: @babakvzphoto
Personal Instagram: @babakvz​​​​​​​
Facebook: babakvzphoto
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